We are a society where men take responsibility to promote inclusiveness in the health and equality


At the Men for Health and Gender Justice Offices you will be able to access: .


STI-related services

Screening and Treatment.

Free and confidential screenings for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia and genital warts

HIV RelatedServices

Screening, monitoring, management & counselling:

Free and confidential HIV screening in a discreet and relaxed environment. If you do test positive you can also expect to receive CD4 testing and counselling.


Free antiretroviral treatment therapy, based on your CD4 count and other medical factors. Once you’re on ARVs your healthcare workers will continue to monitor your health and will be available to address any side-effects you may experience. If you test HIV+ you can commence free treatment immediately.

PREPRelated Services

If you test HIV negative and you are a highly sexually active person who engages in sex with multiple partners and you want to protect yourself from contracting HIV you can access PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) you can come to the centre directly and ask us about it or call us on 390 1767.

Other health concerns:

In addition to HIV and other STIs, you can consult your Doctor and the health care worker in the centre?if you have any other sexual health concerns, like your prostate, testicular and anal health. .