Our Services

We provide various Services to Our Society and Community in General

Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

It is your birth right regardless of your sexual preference to be equiped and to know more about your Sexual and Health Rights.

Policy Development & Advocacy

As Advocacy is our main objective when it comes to Policy, we work hard around the clock to make sure we develop it very well.

Community Education and Mobilisation

We have a team of Peer Educators in Gaborone and Palapye who are always working to make sure the community is well informed.

Communications and Advocacy

Communications is the most important Key aspect in our Organization as it is the core of our daily working structure.

Reach, Referral & Linkage to Care

After we do Reach, we refer our clients to our partners who provide Lay Conselling and care for our clients to enrol.

Safe Spaces & Drop In Centre

We are open for society from Monday to Friday to provide Drop ins with care and services that are available to them.

Condom & Lubrication Distribution

We provide a non stop condom and lubrication distribution to our clients and society teaching its importance in the process.

Mental Health & Pyschological Support

We teach more about Mental Health and awareness and also provide support pyschologically for MSMs and Gay Mens.

We are Successful in Key Population Reach

With the target we set, when it comes to Key Population and MSM Reach, we have proven ourselves to be highly successful before HTC and Referals are made to our Partners.